When the transferee finally arrives in Korea there are still a number of "settling-in' issues that need to be addressed. Many times some of the settling-in items are addressed in the pre-arrival and homefinding stages of the relocation. However, to maintain a consistent and complete service flow the settling-in

service checklist is provided below.

Settling-In Services Checklist

Detailed Resident Area Survey
Utility, Cable (or Satellite), Phone & Internet Service Hook-ups
Furniture Arrival Assistance / Appliance Installation
Obtaining Domestic Help
Establishing Bank Accounts / Obtaining Local ATM Cards
Purchasing Additional Items for the Home
Water and Newspaper Delivery
Additional Introduction to Youth Activities / Spousal Opportunities / Social Clubs
    & Organizations
Furniture Rental
Vehicle Purchase / Rental
Cellular Phone Purchase / Establishing Accounts
Any Additional Issues at Request of the Client