When a company makes in-roads to a new country it is essential that the employees introduced to this new environment are familiar and comfortable with cultural norms and local business practices. A working knowledge of protocol and the economic environment are the key to a successful operation.

In addition the day-to-day living challenges that face families in Korea can be more easily addressed if they are properly prepared with regard to recognizing cultural differences. An understanding of these differences and an appreciation of how their own culture is perceived provide for a more functional and comfortable assignment.

Our cultural program consists of a two-day seminar. Since 1994 we have presented an average of six seminars a year for our clients with the number of participants ranging from one to four couples or individuals. This provides us with the personal contact and relaxing environment conducive to a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Modern and comfortable meeting facilities are provided for. In addition, information and presentation materials are constantly updated and improved. The following are some of the primary sections presented in the seminar.

Introduction to Korea
           Geography / Statistics
           Education / Politics
           Religion / Language
Korean Economics
Interpersonal Business Relations
Opposite Culture
Culture and Customs
Different Culture / Comparisons (Manners, Social Life, etc.)
Cultural Dos and Don'ts
Living in Korea